Design and construction of a solar collector parabolic dish for rural zones in Colombia

Jorge Alexander Alarcón, Jairo Eduardo Hortúa, Andrea Lopez G.


This paper presents the development of a solar parabolic dish collector prototype rural areas with high solar resource availability in Colombia, which have no access to electricity service or budget to purchase a stove (electric or gas). The solar collector prototype propose a solution to solve these kinds of issues and use sunlight to work it. Through a polished stainless steel parabolic dish, solar radiation is concentrated into a specifi c area called focus, where thermal energy is generated and used for cooking or fulfi lling a necessity without high investment and helping the environment. To fi nish, it describes the decisive stages of the prototype implementation, which provides the solar resource analyzed in Colombia, the theoretical analysis, the structural design, the study, and manufacturing materials.


Focus; Heat losses; Solar concentrator; Thermal efficiency; Temperature

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