Iptv: next-generation network technologies and protocols

Danilo Alfonso López Sarmiento, Bayron Fabio Villanueva Ocampo, Edwin Rivas Trujillo


Television has been one of the most important media used by man since its inception. It is, therefore, essential nowadays to fi nd a method to optimize the transmission process and interaction with the end user. The widely used conventional transmission system is ineffi cient in many respects, taking into account the means of transmission and the lack of customization of content for users. Therefore, due to the steady growth and development of the Internet and IP-based information technologies, IP networks for the delivery of television content live and on-demand have begun to be used,where the user plays an active role.


Compression; IMS; IPTV; Multicast; Streaming

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18180/tecciencia.2013.14.5


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