Ultrasound applications to medicine part i: physical principles.

Fernando Arturo Soler López


This work illustrates the various applications of ultrasound (US) in medicine and its importance from a thorough review of the state of the art, displaying that it is not only relevant for medical diagnosis, since there has been a growing interest in the therapeutic and in nonmedical developments such as industrial, food, biotech, cosmetic, chemical, nanotechnology, veterinary,etc.., which are not addressed in this study, because of its size; this thematic review is directed to medical fi eld and its depth and extension have allowed two different tasks: Physical Principles and Medical Equipment.This review article provides the reader theme for further understanding of the scientifi c basis and operation of equipment such as ultrasound scanners, among other components, mainly the transducer, and the versatility of medical uses. It is necessary to approach systematically in this fi rst part the principles of the US wave properties such as refl ection, refraction and absorption, as well as the physical quantities associated with the description of these phenomena, in which are present some characteristics of technological order, mainly: the refl ection factor, refractive index, attenuation, resolving power, density, intensity, frequency and impedance.


Attenuation; Ultrasound; Frequency; Wave; piezoelectric; reflection; refraction; resolution; transducer

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