Machining With Cutting Tool Coated With Monolayer of HfN

Pablo Andres Guzman Duran, Jhon Henry Navarro Devia, William Aperador


In this study, AISI 1020 steel was machined by chip removal, in dry conditions, using ASSAB 17 tool bits with Hafnium Nitride (HfN) monolayer coating, deposited as a thin film via magnetron sputtering physical vapor deposition (PVD) technique, and uncoated tool bits, used as reference system. The surfaces of the machined steel were evaluated and characterized using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The use of monolayer HfN coating on the tool bits was demonstrated to improve the surface finish of the workpiece and reduce cutting process time and cost.


Monolayer, Surface roughness, Machining, Cutting Tools, Hafnium Nitride

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