Interactive Evaluator for Memory in users with Alzheimer Disease

Diego Sanchez, Raul Enrique Rincon, Miguel Angel Olivares, Marcelo Herrera


The Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that alters certain cognitive functions in the person who suffers it; these issues end up leading to a progressive spoilage and the generation of amnesia. Is relevant to evaluate the spoilage of the memory in the research, this being the cerebral function that allows to codify, storage and recover the information. It gets achieved from the episodic memory, classified in the explicit memory; this memory performs the recollecting of facts and events in an aware state. An application for mobile devices that allows to evaluate the spoilage of the episodic memory, is developed. This procedure will be performed through the 7 minute test, originally presented by Paul Solomon and collaborators. The app will be programmed in Android platform for tablet devices.

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