Vol 9, No 17 (2014)

TECCIENCIA (Jul-Dec 2014)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18180/tecciencia.2014.17

Table of Contents


Editorial pages No 17 PDF HTML
Carlos A. Forero-Núñez 1-9
Relationship of blood pressure with the electrical signal of the heart using signal processing PDF HTML
Gendy Monroy Estrada 9-14
Evolution of physico-mathematical models in radiobiology and their application in ionizing radiation therapies PDF HTML
Oscar Gabriel Garzon, Maria Cristina Plazas, Edison de Jesus Salazar 15-22
An estimation of the effective dosefor the internal contamination of workers occupationally exposed to open sources of 131I in thyroid treatments PDF HTML
Jesus Alexis Lecuna, Lilia Ines Carrizales, Bernando Dantas 23-28
Gis model of analysis to promote tourism through the use of a web application PDF HTML
Yuri Vanessa Nieto Acevedo, Oswaldo Alberto Romero Villalobos, Kelly Johanna Gallo Ramírez 29-36
Speech pattern recognition for forensic acoustic purposes PDF HTML
Marcelo Herrera Martínez, Andrea Lorena Aldana Blanco, Ana María Guzmán Palacios 37-44
Evaluation of a hybrid system of renewable electricity generation for a remote area of Colombia using homer software PDF HTML
Yecid Muñoz, Julian Guerrero, Adalberto Ospino 45-54
Handoff process simulation by network simulator 2 in mobile telematic networks with IPv6 PDF HTML
Nancy Yaneth Gelvez García, Danilo Alfonso López Sarmiento, Jhon Francined Herrera Cubides 55-60
Design of a sound pressure level acquisition and analysis system PDF HTML
Julian Casas, Paula Noreña, Luis Hermida 61-66
Functional Prototype of a Web Information System to Assist Planning Software Projects, Based on CMMI-DEV 1.2 PDF HTML
Javier Mosquera Díaz, Oscar Ocampo Cortés, Luz Stella García Monsalve 67-77
Effects of a high intensity laser in the binding energy of a donor impurity D^0 PDF HTML
Armando Castellanos Jerez, Leonardo Vega Vargas 78-83