Vol 11, No 20 (2016)


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18180/tecciencia.2016.20

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Table of Contents


Influence of a plasma swirl motion on fine magnetic concentrations in the solar photosphere PDF HTML
Santiago Vargas Dominguez, Judith Palacios, Laura Balmaceda, Iballa Cabello, Vicente Dominguez 1 - 4
Design and construction of a equipment for micro-abrasion-corrosion testing in simulated biological enviromments PDF HTML
José Luis Caballero Gómez, Nicolas Sierra Melo, William Aperador 5 - 18
Triad of the Articulation Model of Integrated Management Systems [TMA-HSEQ] PDF HTML
René Alejandro Alvarado Rueda, Gonzalo Carlos José Pérez Gómez 19 - 26
Incidence of Corrosion on Electric Power Losses in ACSR Cables PDF HTML
Carlos Cardenas, Oscar Pardo, Edwar Brito, Alfonso Santos 27 - 33
Time and spectral study of the internal structure of long GRBs with z close to 1 PDF HTML
Jonathan Quirola, Nicolas Vasquez 35 - 40
Development of a Magnetic Loop Antenna for the Detection of Jovian Radiowaves at 20.1 MHz PDF HTML
Hamilton David Galvis Rodriguez, Edwin Andrés Quintero Salazar, Luisa Fernanda Cardona 41 - 46
Comparative analysis between SOM Networks and Bayesian Networks applied to structural failure detection PDF HTML
Mauricio Pedroza Torres, Efraín Guillermo Mariotte Parra, Jabid Eduardo Quiroga Mendez, Yecid Alfonso Muñoz 47 - 55
Thermodynamic Analysis of Self-Ignition in Spark-Ignited Engines Operated with Alternative Gaseous Fuels PDF HTML
Jorge Duarte Forero, Wilman Orozco Lozano, Jorge González Coneo, Edgardo Buelvas Castro, Lesme Corredor Martinez 57 - 65
Distribution of mass of the protoplanetary disk HL Tau PDF HTML
Nidia Yiseth Buitrago Carreño, Nicanor Poveda, Nelson Vera Villamizar 67 - 70
Non-Traditional Flow Shop Scheduling Using CSP PDF HTML
Andres Felipe León Díaz, Juan Pablo Orejuela, Alexander Suarez 71 - 79