Vol 11, No 21 (2016)

Vol 11 N 21 (Jul -Dec)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18180/tecciencia.2016.21

Table of Contents


Machining With Cutting Tool Coated With Monolayer of HfN PDF HTML
Pablo Andres Guzman Duran, Jhon Henry Navarro Devia, William Aperador
Implementation of series resonant inverter to improve efficiency fluorescent lamps PDF HTML
Jhon Fredy Bayona, Jhon Vera, Nancy Yaneth Gelvez Garcia 7-11
Astronomía al Aire: Mass Media Convergence in Astronomy and Astrophysics PDF HTML
Luis Nuñez, Hector Rago
Estimation of electric energy required by electric vehicles based on travelled distances in a residential zone PDF HTML
Cristian Mendoza, Adriana Quintero, Fransicso Santamaria, Jorge Alexander Alarcón Villamil 17-24
Measurement of Social Capital through Data Mining Techniques at Universidad ECCI PDF HTML
Manuel Fernando Cabrera Jimenez, Olga Camila Hernandez Morales, Luz Stella Garcia Monsalve, Luz Adriana Suarez Suarez 25-32
Origin of the Milky Way disk of satellites: collision of two disk galaxies PDF HTML
Omar Alfonso Bohorquez, Rigoberto Casas Miranda 33-37
Analysis through dynamic temporal sequence alignment in SpO2 signals PDF HTML
Angel Valentin Molina Mojica, Manuel Barbaro Cuadra Sanz, Luis Javier Martinez Guerrero, Hordelin Robles 39-43
Biosolids and biosolid ashes as inputs for producing construction materials such as bricks-like Construction Materials PDF HTML
William Ricardo Mozo, Adriana Gomez 45-51
Preliminary analysis of wind power in 4 Colombian cities, and utilization estimates with urban wind turbines PDF HTML
Fabian M León Vargas, Edwin Krejci, Maria Garcia Jaramillo 53-59
Measurement of Complex Dielectric Permittivity in Oils from High-Voltage Transformers Using a Coaxial Probe PDF HTML
Ernesto Aguilera Bermudez, Oswaldo Rodriguez Rico 61-67
Using Scenedesmus sp. for the Phycoremediation of Tannery Wastewater PDF HTML
Miguel Ballen-Segura, Luisa Hernandez Rodriguez, David Parra Ospina, Asly Vega Bolaños, Karen Perez 69-75