Vol 11, No 21 (2016)

Vol 11 N 21 (Jul -Dec)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18180/tecciencia.2016.21

Table of Contents


Machining With Cutting Tool Coated With Monolayer of HfN PDF HTML
Pablo Andres Guzman Duran, Jhon Henry Navarro Devia, William Aperador 1-6
Implementation of series resonant inverter to improve efficiency fluorescent lamps PDF HTML
Jhon Fredy Bayona, Jhon Vera, Nancy Yaneth Gelvez Garcia 7-11
Astronomía al Aire: Mass Media Convergence in Astronomy and Astrophysics PDF HTML
Luis Nuñez, Hector Rago 13-16
Estimation of electric energy required by electric vehicles based on travelled distances in a residential zone PDF HTML
Cristian Mendoza, Adriana Quintero, Fransicso Santamaria, Jorge Alexander Alarcón Villamil 17-24
Measurement of Social Capital through Data Mining Techniques at Universidad ECCI PDF HTML
Manuel Fernando Cabrera Jimenez, Olga Camila Hernandez Morales, Luz Stella Garcia Monsalve, Luz Adriana Suarez Suarez 25-32
Origin of the Milky Way disk of satellites: collision of two disk galaxies PDF HTML
Omar Alfonso Bohorquez, Rigoberto Casas Miranda 33-37
Analysis through dynamic temporal sequence alignment in SpO2 signals PDF HTML
Angel Valentin Molina Mojica, Manuel Barbaro Cuadra Sanz, Luis Javier Martinez Guerrero, Hordelin Robles 39-43
Biosolids and biosolid ashes as inputs for producing construction materials such as bricks-like Construction Materials PDF HTML
William Ricardo Mozo, Adriana Gomez 45-51
Preliminary analysis of wind power in 4 Colombian cities, and utilization estimates with urban wind turbines PDF HTML
Fabian M León Vargas, Edwin Krejci, Maria Garcia Jaramillo 53-59
Measurement of Complex Dielectric Permittivity in Oils from High-Voltage Transformers Using a Coaxial Probe PDF HTML
Ernesto Aguilera Bermudez, Oswaldo Rodriguez Rico 61-67
Using Scenedesmus sp. for the Phycoremediation of Tannery Wastewater PDF HTML
Miguel Ballen-Segura, Luisa Hernandez Rodriguez, David Parra Ospina, Asly Vega Bolaños, Karen Perez 69-75