Vol 13, No 25 (2018)

Vol.13 Nº 25

Table of Contents


Cyanide Degradation from Mining Effluent Using Two Reagents: Sodium Metabisulphite and the Metabisulphite Mixture with Hydrogen Peroxide PDF
Gonzalo Aranguri LLerena, Iván Alberto Reyes López 9
Development of a perforated panel for acoustic conditioning based on Colombian guadua fiber (Guadua angustifolia Kunth) PDF
Dario Alfonso Paez Soto, Luis Jorge Herrera Fernandez, Oscar Esneider Acosta Agudelo, Shymmy Wilbermer Garcia Bustos, Marcelo Herrera 18
Biodegradation of Chlorothalonil Fungicide in Coastal Areas of the Colombian Caribbean Suitable for Banana Crops PDF
Julian Mauricio Betancourt Portela, Paola Andrea Bautista Duarte, Silvia Narváez Flórez, Juan Pablo Parra Lozano 25
Comparison of ATCOR Atmospheric and ELM Linear Empirical Correction Models Applied to WorldView-2 Images PDF
osman javier Roa, Alexander Ariza, Hector Mauricio Ramirez, Hermann Leon Rincon 38
Programming of Job Shop Production Systems with Fuzzy Logic PDF
Luis Eduardo Leguizamon Castellanos 45
Pulse width Prediction Control Technique Applied to a Half-Bridge Boost PDF
Jhon Fredy Bayona, Jose Guillermo Guarnizo Marin, Nancy Gelvez 51
Hydrogen Production and Purification by Bioethanol Steam Reforming and Preferential Oxidation of CO PDF
Juan David Arevalo Arias, Angel Martinez Hernandez, Julio Cesar Vargas, Luis Fernando Cordoba 64
Comparative Analysis of the Weibull Model and Observed Wind Data in the City of Floridablanca, Colombia. PDF
Emil Hernandez, Edwin Cordoba, Gabriel García