Vol 14, No 27 (2019)

Vol.14 Nº 27 JUL -DEC

Table of Contents


Physical Vulnerability Index before the Landsliding Hazard in Houses Located in the Locality of Rafael Uribe Uribe, Bogotá D.C. PDF
Carlos Arturo Peña Rincón, Yamith Acosta
Review of Control techniques in Distributed Power Generation Systems PDF
Helbert Eduardo Espitia, Iván Machón, Hilario López
Evaluation of Polyethylene Wax and Paraffin as Anti Wear and Extreme Pressure Additives in Virgin Sesame Base Stock PDF
Arnoldo Emilio Delgado Tobón, William Arnulfo Aperador Chaparro
Monitoring System for a Street Lighting Luminaire PDF
Harryson Ramirez Murillo, Iván Alberto Arias Galvis, Alfonso Germán Garzón Huertas
Interactive Evaluator for Memory in users with Alzheimer Disease PDF
Diego Sanchez, Raul Enrique Rincon, Miguel Angel Olivares, Marcelo Herrera
Life Cycle Analysis of Biodiesel Blends for Aviation | PDF
William Evelio Rodriguez, Anderson Rodriguez, Manuel Alejandro Mayorga, Javier Alejandro Bonilla, Mauricio Lopez
Implementation of bio-inspired optimization algorithms in the System Identification of a FAR 23 aircraft PDF
Daniel Agudelo, Piotr Lichota
Design and Construction of a Flight Data Acquisition System Adapted to an Experimental Rocket Model PDF
Alejandro Urrego
Method of Approximate Particular Solutions of Electro-Kinetic Fluids in Micro and Nano channels PDF
D.A Castro, W.F Flórez, N Caruso, M Portapila
Evaluation of Localization Strategies with the Meshless Method of Approximate Particular Solutions PDF
Nelson F Chaverra, Maria C Martínez, Juan D Rios, Julian M Granados