Absolute Dosimetry for High Energy Photons


  • KEWIN WILLIAM CEBALLOS PELÁEZ Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Medellin y sede Bogotá. Colombia
  • SILVIA PATRICIA CEBALLOS PELÁEZ Universidad de Salamanca - Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Bogotá. Colombia


Electron accelerator, ionizing chamber, dosimetry, photons-beams, TPR.


In order to certify an equipment beam generator of ionizing radiation
used in radiotherapy, is necessary to make several test to verify the
beam quality, especially the dose released in the central axis of
the beam; absolute dosimetry test it. This work presents physics
concepts, experimental arrangement and correction factors for the
reading system. Absolute dosimetry test was making for a clinical
lineal accelerator Clinac EX, VARIAN for 6 MV photons energy.



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